Friday, March 19, 2010

Politics and Computers

Well, the results are in, not of the election but of my survey of candidates. Three of the four main candidates for Newland responded to my questions. In my view none of them is a perfect fit for my views on computers and their use. All of them have a lot to learn. The fact that the Labor member, Tom Kenyon, opposes an R18+ rating of games disappoints me, however he appears to at least know what a browser is, and he uses a mac. As was suspected the Greens candidate, Holden Ward, has the least conservative views. The Family First candidate, Dale Clegg, was surprisingly open to the concept of R18+ gaming. Most disappointing was the lack of response from the Liberals candidate Trish Draper. If she doesn't answer emails when trying to be elected, will she answer them when she is my representative.

So in conclusion I don't think that of the three responses there is a definitive winner, but on this basis Trish Draper will not be my first preference.

Use your vote wisely.

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