Sunday, December 2, 2007

What I read

I thought I would share a list of my favourite blogs/rss feeds with my reader/s.

For Educational Enlightenment I read
The blog, a collection of varied blogs by the staff at for an Australian prospective.

The Blue Skunk Blog by Doug Johnson, an American expert on technology and the internet (he wrote a number of the articles my uni lecturer suggested we read on technology)

HeyJude a blog by Australian technologist Judy O'Connell

One of my Uni Lectures James Herring has a blog about libraries and collaboration.

The Hub is a site about advocacy for school libraries and teacher librarians in Australia

While he is focussing on Libraries, what Stephen Abram writes in his Stephen's Lighthouse can be of interest to teachers too. I had the opportunity to meet Stephen at the ASLA XX conference in Adelaide in October to thank him for some of the tips he has given in his blog.

Another Educational blogger I have had the opportunity to meet is Josh Nunn whose blogs NunnOne and Josh's Edublog are not just about education, but life in general. Thanks for your words of 'wisdom' Josh. Josh is also my only confirmed reader.

In the next issue, blogs/rss feeds for fun



joshnunn said...


Thanks for sharing me. I'd like to point out though, that for education technology, I actually post (well technically posted once and maybe will again in future) to

Be sure if you visit to check out the links on my sidebar - If I find good ed/tech links I post them there. They replicate my shared links here:

There are some pretty exciting and fun things happening in education. I'm so happy to be a part of it, even if I'm not actually teaching.

joshnunn said...

Oh, and I'm proud to be your first official confirmed reader!