Sunday, January 27, 2008

Feeds for Fun

There are three main Fun Feeds that I read/view.

1. Unshelved a comic strip about a public library. Some of the jokes are best enjoyed by librarians, others can be enjoyed by anyone who has ever worked with the public.

2. 365 Tomorrows a sci fi schort story for every day of the year, most are onlt a few hundred words, so only take about a minute to read.

3. Userfriendly an online comic about technology, from Canada. Set in an ISP stars Dust Puppy, a sentient ball of dust.

What do you like to read for fun, post your suggestions here.


joshnunn said...

My fave fun feeds (see what I did there?) are (in no particular order):

Dinosaur Comics
Dr. McNinja and the unofficial feed
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Basic Instructions

Not Comics:
Girls Are Pretty (it's not how it sounds - honest!) it's bizarre short stories.
Wellington Grey

joshnunn said...

Hey Dave, not the best place for a quick chat, but nevertheless - I thought you might appreciate the latest from Sheldon: