Sunday, February 28, 2010

Greens in Newland

The second candidate to provide me with all of the answers to the questions asked is the Greens candidate Holden Ward. Here is a very slightly edited version of his responses. (Which has been approved by him). Holden has shown a willingness to communicate with me about the issues involved.

As promised, here are my responses to your questions:

1. What web browser do you use?

2. What is your day to day computer (PC, Apple, Laptop) etc?
PC at home, and PC or lap-top at my work locations

3. What social networking sites do you or your staff use (Facebook, Twitter, Others) and where can we find you on those sites?
I don't use any social networking sites. I can appreciate their appeal for people travelling overseas and keeping in touch with friends and family at home, or other situations when it is not practical to send several personalised messages. However, I do feel that the popularity of sites such as Facebook has brought with it a risk of us becoming socially lazy as a society. I can see a parallel with e-mail being an effective and easy communication tool, yet it sometimes replaces face-to-face communication in the work place. There is something quite strange about being asked to be someone's Facebook "friend", especially when that person lives about 20 minutes away from you.

4. Do you have a blog and if so what is the address
No, I don't have a blog.

5. In your opinion, what is the role of the internet in the South Australian political process?
I think that the internet has an important role to play in the political process as it is a vital vehicle for freedom of speech. However, in South Australia it would seem that this role is still emerging.

6. What role should government play in regulating the internet?
None. As adults in a civilised society, we should be able to determine what internet content we do and don't access. In relation to children, parents and others involved in the care and education of children have the ultimate responsibility to ensure there is no access to inappropriate content. Any regulation of the internet should be independent of the government.

7. What are your thoughts on how to address objectionable content on the internet? What role should government play in this process?
I would refer your readers to the Greens Policy on Media and Communications, via

8. Do you support an R18+ classification for computer games?

9. Tell us about the policies that your party has that would influence the use of technology if elected.
I would encourage your readers to browse our relevant policies at The main points are that the Greens would support: independent regulation of the internet, increased funding for IT and communication technology to enhance the viability of rural and remote communities, and prioritised funding for environmental technologies (renewable energy etc) as these are a powerful engine for the creation of jobs and national wealth.

10. What are your thoughts on the funding of computers for schools?
I think any initiative which provides necessary resources for our schools is a good one, and computers are vital tools in our children's education. However, I think that government funding for schools should be sustainable, with due consideration of social disadvantage and other barriers to quality education. It would appear that the Rudd government's computers for schools initiative has not been fully delivered according to its original projections.

Warm regards,

Holden Ward
Greens Candidate for Newland

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